Donald Trump Toilet Paper – The Presidential Pack – 3 Rolls – Funny Political Humor Gag Gift – 2 Full Color Rolls + 1 Trump’s Funniest Tweets Roll – Three Ply Bathroom Tissue 200 Sheets Per Roll


  • 2 Full Color Rolls + 1 Trump’s Funniest Tweets Roll
  • Three Ply Bathroom Tissue –  200 Sheets Per Roll

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Make Trips To The Bathroom Great Again With This Trump TP Three Pack


Have your bathroom visits grow to be as boring as a night in Donald and Melania’s bedroom? You wish to have this Implausible pack of Donald Trump toilet paper. With three different rolls, you’ll be able to grow to be the president of your very own porcelain palace. Or maybe you’d relatively get it as a fun gift for the Trump lover or hater in your life.

The Presidential Pack – Three Implausible Rolls


This pack contains three different rolls, each representing a different side of President Trump’s personality.

Puckered Up Trump


This roll features a full color photograph of Trump’s beautiful puckered face, printed on each and every sheet. This is the face Trump makes when Melania is being nice to him, or when he’s about to munch his favorite fast food burgers.

Angry Trump


Is the UN misbehaving? Is Trump being disrespected by the FAKE NEWS media? Then you’ll be able to see his angry face – the same face that is printed on every sheet of this roll. Save this one for particularly intense bathroom visits.

Tweets From A Very High IQ Genius


Trump’s Tweets are legendary, and with this roll You’ll enjoy some of his best, funniest and most genius Twitter proclamations at the same time as you’re in the bathroom

Toilet Paper That’s Strong Enough To Build A Wall!


This isn’t just a hilarious political gift, it’s also extremely top quality toilet paper. It’s super absorbent, 3-ply, and strong enough for even the toughest bathroom jobs. So the next time you’re “draining the swamp”, do it the Presidential way. Do it the right way. Do it the Trump way, with this Trump toilet paper.

Make America Great Again – Starting With Your Very Own Bathroom. Pick Up The Presidential Pack Today

MAKE TOILET PAPER GREAT AGAIN: Whether you’re in the White House or out house, this super-absorbent 3-ply toilet paper will make you feel like you’re President for life! You don’t need to flush your secret tax returns down the toilet anymore Mr. President, just use this toilet paper!
THE PRESIDENTIAL PACK – THREE DIFFERENT ROLLS: In this pack you’ll be able to get three different rolls. One roll has Donnie’s beautiful puckering face. One roll has his angry face (for when Kim Jong Un is misbehaving) and the third roll has one of the vital 45th president’s greatest Tweets for some bathroom reading.
A PERFECT GIFT FOR TRUMP LOVERS AND HATERS: Know someone who adores Trump? Surely they are going to love having him in their bathroom! It’s an intimate way to spend even more time with your favorite President. And if you hate Trump, well…let’s just say this 3-ply tissue is very absorbent.
PROUDLY MADE IN CHINA (AND NOT NORTH KOREA): It’s no secret that Trump loves China, so we sent a trade delegation of our own to get these rolls made in one of China’s greatest TP factories. They are very stable geniuses at making toilet paper – and the Little Rocket Man is not involved!
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: You’ll’t take back your vote for Trump, but if you don’t like this toilet paper just send it back to us unopened for a full refund. No one wants second hand toilet paper, but we don’t care. Just don’t use it before you return it!

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